Dear All,

here we are, getting ready for Christmas while still dealing with lockdowns and closures, but at least it looks like good news on vaccines that should help us all get back to some kind of normality, hopefully by the summer 2021. My thoughts go out to all the families that have been adversely affected by this virus and hope we can all see some light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Obviously, I have had to put my retirement on hold and I hope I can keep myself in shape to continue where we left off, rest assured I’m working on it!! Like all artists, I must have that final go round to walk away happy!

I think 2020 will be the first year I can remember not having given any concerts and to be honest I’m not ‘holding my breath’ about 2021. Perhaps some open air concerts in the summer, and maybe some club shows in the autumn just to get us all geared up and ready to hit the ground running in 2022. That’s what we are working on anyway.

It is so weird to have not seen my band in almost a year, after working together for the 20 years before that, but I am working on a ‘Live Show’ CD that we recorded at our Christmas shows in 2019 ready for when we can go out again.

I am also working on new material for what will probably be my last CD. You might be aware of one of the songs called ‘Blood on His Hands’ which was released in October to coincide with the election in the US, which at the time of writing this is still big news. It is quite a mission to record everything remotely, as we can’t get together to record or work on songs because of the restrictions, but it has been a great experience to be working with some old friends again and making some new, very talented, friends via the Internet. The challenge has been to make the recordings sound cohesive and as live and spontaneous as possible, because that’s what I want the end result to be. Just imagine what these lockdowns would be like without the Internet, it doesn’t bare thinking about!

Well, take care and stay safe and well, wear a mask, keep your distance, and use the extra time we all have to spend it with your loved ones.

See you all very soon I hope, but it is going to be the ‘Last Round’, and of course…

Keep on Rockin’

Chris T.


Upcoming shows
  • 02/07/21 Andernach at Rheinwiesen-Open Air 2021
  • 30/07/21 Burglengenfeld at VAZ -Open Air
  • 31/07/21 35753 Greifenstein at Burg Greifenstein

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