Dear All,

after two year we have finally been able to finish the video from our
Rock of Ages concert. Although it was an open air concert, only
one hour and in the daylight, (and being a festival some
of the parameters were out of our control), the audience were fantastic
(as you always are) we really enjoyed it and the organization
filmed it extremely well.

It’s pretty much a ‘greatest hits’ concert. (Even if I say so myself!)

You can see the trailer of the DVD already below and we are going to
put various songs from the concert on the website or Facebook links while
we decide how to make it available.

After our summer break, we are going to hit the road again in October.
We will have our new DVD and CD available at gigs, so another
reason to come and see us!

Be safe and Keep on Rockin’

Chris T.

Upcoming shows
  • 19/12/19 63739 Aschaffenburg at Colos-Saal
  • 20/12/19 64625 Bensheim at Rex
  • 21/12/19 78727 Oberndorf a. N. at Ehm. Augustiner-Klosterkirche

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