Dear All,
I wish you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

After much thought, I have decided I am going to retire from live performances.
I know I’m gonna miss it, but I have a whole lot of other things that I would like to do and beside that, it’s time!

It’s not happening tomorrow, it will take me about two years to do this as I would like to play in all the places we have played regularly over the years, one more time and hopefully play in many others as well during this time.

My planned finish date will be around my 75th birthday in March 2022.

So please look out for the dates near you and come see me one more time with Mads, Frank, Gunnar and Zsolt…. (the Best Band in the Land). Bring your friends, for the last time, Chris Thompson “LIVE” experience!! Until then we’ll keep on Rockin’!

Best wishes and be careful out there.

Chris T.

Upcoming shows
  • 28/01/21 44147 Dortmund at Piano
  • 29/01/21 Worpswede at Music Hall
  • 30/01/21 Hamburg at Downtown Blues Club

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